Scholarly publications and presentations by Rochester Regional Health's Nursing authors


Submissions from 2021


Nursing Leadership Must Confront Implicit Bias as a Barrier to Diversity in Health Care Today, Deborah C. Stamps

Submissions from 2020


Building community partnerships through targeted workforce development, Deborah C. Stamps and Cindy Lovetro


From shadow to change agent: Revitalization of the clinical nurse specialist role, Emily Brooks

Submissions from 2019


To Replace or Not to Replace? Replacing Short Peripheral Catheters Based on Clinical Indication, Deborah Maier

Submissions from 2017

From Blank Canvas to Masterwork: Creating a Professional Practice Model at a Magnet Hospital, Lynda J. Dimitroff, Donna M. Tydings, Sue Nickoley, Lynn W. Nichols, and Maureen E. Krenzer