Rochester General Hospital's Medical Grand Rounds presentations.


Submissions from 2022


2022          Trauma Induced Coagulopathy, Patrick Corey, Rochester Regional Health

Submissions from 2021

12-16-2021          Immunology of Macrophage Activation Syndrome, Anthony Ocon, Rochester Regional Health System

12-9-2021          Altered Mental Status in a Patient with ESRD, Kevin Hix, Rochester Regional Health; Shubha Shastry, Rochester Regional Health; and Marvin Grieff, Rochester Regional Health

12-2-2021          Guideline Based Practice in Stroke Care, Christopher J. Deline, Rochester Regional Health System

11-18-2021          Inpatient Diabetes Management, Michael Quartuccio, Rochester Regional Health, Rochester, New York

11-11-2021          Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis 2021 Perspective, Patrick I. Okolo, Rochester Regional Health

10-28-2021          Autologous Transplantation and CAR-T Cell Therapies for Lymphomas, Simrat Gill, Rochester Regional Health System and Anne S. Renteria, Rochester Regional Health

10-21-2021          COVID Update, Maryrose Laguio-Vila, Rochester Regional Health; Emil P. Lesho, Rochester Regional Health; and Edward E. Walsh, Rochester Regional Health

10-14-2021          Updates in Breast Screening, Leah Rossett, Rochester Regional Health System

10-7-2021          Understanding Delirium, Simon Fawzy, Rochester Regional Health System

9-23-2021          The Myriad of Hematological Challenges of COVID-19 Infection, Peter A. Kouides, Rochester General Hospital

9-16-2021          Incidental Liver and Pancreas Masses and Indications for Surgery, Purvi Y. Parikh, Rochester Regional Health System

9-9-2021          Evolving Paradigms in COPD Phenotyping, Frank Genese, Rochester Regional Health

7-15-2021          COVID 19 Vaccine Update: So Many New Questions What's Next?, Edward E. Walsh, Rochester Regional Health

4-1-2021          Pisse Prophecy and the BUMP, Richard H. Sterns, Rochester General Hospital

3-18-2021          Not just for Endocrinologists: The growing role of SGLT2s, Scott C. Feitell, Rochester Regional Health

3-11-2021          Case Conference: Colon Cancer Evolving Standards of Care, Amy Bodrog, Rochester General Hospital

3-4-2021          The Burnham Lecture Series: Twenty-five Years of Advances in Hematology, Ronald Sham, Rochester Regional Health and Anne S. Renteria, Rochester Regional Health

2-11-2021          Backed into a Corner: A Problematic Case of Vertebral Osteomyelitis, Mary K. Hinkle, Rochester General Hospital; Eric M. Spitzer, Rochester Regional Health System; and Angel Boev, Rochester Regional Health System

1-21-2021          An Update on Osteoporosis, Seth Charatz, Rochester Regional Health

1-14-2021          Opioid Use Disorder: Integrating Treatment in Varied Care Settings, Fatma Akmese, Rochester Regional Health System

Submissions from 2020

12-17-2020          Migraine: A Case of Refractory Pain, Carolyn Zyloney, Rochester Regional Health System

12-10-2020          A Patient with AKI and Vascular Disease(s), Shubha Shastry, Rochester Regional Health; Marvin Grieff, Rochester Regional Health; and Pulkit Gandhi, Rochester Regional Health

11-12-2020          GI Case Presentation, Patrick I. Okolo, Rochester Regional Health

10-22-2020          Update on Prostate Cancer Screening, Louis Eichel, Division of Urology, Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, NY.