Scholarly publications and presentations by Rochester Regional Health's Graduate Medical Education department authors.


Submissions from 2021


Perspectives on the Quality and Utility of Letters Conforming to the AAIM Guidelines, Christopher Williams, Richard Alweis, Teresa Roth, Vera Luther, James Pile, Stephanie Elkins, Srikanth Nagalla, and Elaine A. Muchmore

Practical guidance to advisors of residents on the fellowship selection process, Richard Alweis and Amr Salama


Problem Lists: A Data Management Tool, David M. Newman and Shan Dhanda


The Electronic Medical Record: Evaluated as a Learning Tool, Rachel Bian, Dawn Pruett, and Elizabeth Loomis


YouTube as a Source of Information on the COVID-19 Pandemic, Reynold Andika, Chien T. Kao, Christopher Williams, Young J. Lee, Hassan Al-Battah, and Richard Alweis

Submissions from 2020

Remote onboarding and training of new program coordinators into the medical education office during Covid-19 social distance quarantine: process and recommendations, Christina Goodermote

Submissions from 2019

AAIM Guidelines for Interview and Post-Interview Communication for Graduate Medical Education Recruitment, Richard L. Alweis, Christopher M. Williams, Vera P. Luther, Debra L. Simmons, Richard Kopelman, Steven V. Angus, Solomon Liao, Sri Nagalla, and Elaine A. Muchmore

Evaluating the potential merger of two internal medicine residency programs: process and recommendations, Richard Alweis, Christina Goodermote, and Robert Mayo

Inappropriate Communication During Internal Medicine Fellowship Recruitment: A Mixed-Methods Analysis, Christopher M. Williams, Richard L. Alweis, Alec B. O'Connor, Bhavin Dalal, Devesh Rai, Abdullah Abdullah, Richard Kopelman, Patricia Cornett, Michael O. Frank, Vera P. Luther, and Elaine A. Muchmore

Interventions to increase research publications in graduate medical education trainees: a systematic review, Ryan Zimmerman, Richard Alweis, Alexandra Short, Tom Wasser, and Anthony Donato

Submissions from 2018

Internal medicine fellowship directors' perspectives on the quality and utility of letters conforming to residency program director letter of recommendation guidelines, A B. O'Connor, C M. Williams, B Dalal, M S. Sulistio, T K. Roth, C K. Milne, F A. Collichio, E A. Muchmore, and R Alweis

Submissions from 2017

Problematic communications during 2016 fellowship recruitment in internal medicine, Patricia A. Cornett, Chris Williams, Richard L. Alweis, John McConville, Michael Frank, Bhavin Dalal, Richard I. Kopelman, Vera P. Luther, Alec B. O'connor, and Elaine A. Muchmore

Submissions from 2016

Design of a clinical competency committee to maximize formative feedback, Anthony A. Donato, Richard Alweis, and Suzanne Wenderoth