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Ganesh Arun DO

Ismat Cheema DO

Harsha Surath MD

Lorrie Pennfield MD

Mohammed Raza MD

Erik Raborn DO

Farhan Ali MD

Ami Patel MD

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Carcinoid heart disease is a rare complication of an already rare disease. This issue is theorized to be secondary to released proinflammatory molecules that deposit on the surfaces of heart valves. These molecules are released from the carcinoid tumor itself and manifest symptoms based on liver, lung and brain function. The detection of 5-HIAA, a breakdown source of serotonin, is useful for diagnosis. These deposits occur most commonly on the endocardium of valvular cusps and cardiac chambers. This case presents a 48 year old woman with echo findings of right heart failure in the setting of a carcinoid tumor. It is important for early recognition and treatment of cardiac lesions to prevent worsening heart failure.

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