Which Antibiotic are You? Evaluation of a Global Antibiotic Awareness Personality Quiz


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Improving understanding of the impact of antibiotic overuse is a key component of the global action plan to address antibiotic resistance. Play is an underutilized opportunity to engage adults in learning about antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic use in mitigating this public health threat. Our objective was to evaluate the reach of a web-based antibiotic awareness personality quiz.

Figure 1. Antibiotic Personality Quiz Participants


A personality quiz (http://www.tiny.cc/antibioticquiz) was developed using an online platform (Tryinteract.com). The quiz included a series of short personality-based questions. Once complete, based on the responses provided, the respondent was automatically assigned an antibiotic that best matched their personality. This result was accompanied by key teaching points about the assigned antibiotic, a statement about the importance of appropriate antibiotic use and links to find more information. The quiz was launched in November 2017 to coincide with World Antibiotic Awareness Week and disseminated via social media. It was updated iteratively each year. We evaluated usage statistics from November 7 2017 to June 7 2020.


During the 31-month evaluation period, there were 287,868 views of the quiz, and it was completed 207,148 times. The quiz was shared extensively on social media (Facebook 1667 shares, Twitter 1390 clicks). From a subset of 37,825 recent participants who were asked about their profession, most identified as non-infectious diseases healthcare professionals (n= 18,235, 48.2%), followed by infectious disease healthcare professionals (n=8,119, 21.8%), and healthcare students (n=6,986, 18.5%) (Figure 1). Respondents were well-represented globally, including US, Canada, Spain, France, India, United Kingdom, and Indonesia.


This exploratory analysis suggests incorporation of play into social media campaigns may augment the size of the receiving audience. An antibiotic awareness personality quiz engaged a high volume and broad range of non-infectious disease experts in learning more about antibiotic resistance. Antimicrobial stewards and public health campaign leaders should incorporate play into awareness opportunities and evaluate their impact.







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