Scholarly publications and presentations by Rochester Regional Health's Obstetrics and Gynecology authors


Submissions from 2020


Age-Associated Trends of Vulvar Cancer in the US, Hanaa Khadraoui, Sarah Thappa, Marianne Smith, Adi Davidov, and Mario R. Castellanos

Submissions from 2019

Does transvaginal ultrasound at 13-15 weeks improve anatomic survey completion rates in obese gravidas?, Marika Toscano, Daniel Grace, Eva K. Pressman, and Loralei L. Thornburg

Submissions from 2018

Cervical cancer complicating pelvic organ prolapse, and use of a pessary to restore anatomy for optimal radiation: A case report, Josette C. Dawkins, Gregory K. Lewis, and Eugene P. Toy

Phenotypic variations in X chromosome mutations: Two case reports, Josette C. Dawkins, Olivia Carpinello, Micah Hill, and Alan H. DeCherney